The Parilla family have been the owners of the Tenuta del Conte winery in Cirò for the past four generations.

Mariangela, Giuseppe and Caterina inherited from her father, Francesco, fifteen hectares of vineyard together with the passion and respect for the land. The vineyards have been managed organically since 2010 in order to preserve the environmental balance and harmony of the terroir.

The vitality of the earth is emphasized through the spontaneous fermentation process, which is a result of healthy grapes and the meticulous care carried out at along all the stages of the winemaking process.

The turning point for the Tenuta del Conte winery was in 2011 when Mariangela finally became an artisan winemaker. She successfully moved away from the enological model that would send up in smoke all the work done out in the vineyard thanks to the open exchange of ideas with the neighboring winemakers.