The Parilla family have been the owners of the Tenuta del Conte winery in Cirò for the past four generations. Mariangela, Giuseppe and Caterina inherited from her father, Francesco, fifteen hectares of vineyard together with the passion and respect for the land. The vineyards have been managed organically since 2010 in order to preserve the […]

Our history

The Land

The natural beauty of the Mediterranean is embraced in Cirò, which looks out to the Jonio Sea with the peaks of the Sila Mountain at its back. The Greeks chose the area in the 7th century B.C to consolidate the pre-existing winemaking of the Enotri peoples, who had reached the coasts of Southern Italy in […]

Cirò and Jonio Sea

Vineyards & Varieties

The first vineyards of the winery were planted between 1960 and 1965. At that time, Francesco Parrilla was a member of the cooperative that sold grapes to other local vineyards, but he always kept reserves of unbottled wine. In 2004, the family decided to begin bottling all of their harves. To increase the presence of […]

Our vineyards


The optimal orientation of the vineyards, the constant wind coming in from the sea and the surrounding land result in the production of healthy grapes that are transformed using traditional winemaking methods, without adding any selection of yeasts, and with a very limited use of sulphites. Each bottle is unique and is able to encase the characteristics of each vintage. The wines age and evolve according to their own natural rhythm, according to the seasons. Once in the glass, the wines are original, with the intense aromas and flavors that distinguish the Cirò wines. Phasellus laoreet feugiat vehicula.

Our winery